Limited edition digital art

Nivi Morales and Cat Hamilton are photographers with a unique vision: they both share a gift for seeing things differently and love to express that through photography.

Nivi is partially sighted and uses photography to convey unusual interpretations of what is in front of her. She hones in on small details and creates beautiful images out of them. Through lockdown she has been inspired to capture images around her home as a way of staying positive and focused.

Cat’s work has evolved to be more abstract. She likes to express her world in ways that are not so obvious to others but enable self expression to go deeper without being too vulnerable and too exposed in her expression.

They have both come together to share their vision and raise awareness of people who are blind or partially sighted and how they have to adapt to see the world differently.

This series of eight images called Different Perspectives is a result a collaboration between Cat and Nivi. Their aim is to inspire others to transform challenges into opportunities by looking at things from a different perspective.

They would like to support RNIB who have been key in supporting people living with sight loss, even more so during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Blind and partially sighted people are facing additional barriers accessing food and key services during lockdown. This ia due to relying heavily on tact to navigate their way around. They also can’t see well enought to maintain social distancing. RNIB has campaigned and continues to campaign for better access to blind and partially sighted. We would love to support their work through our art.

The images are available for sale as high resolution digital art in aid of RNIB. Please support us in helping this fantastic charity and raise some much needed funds for those living with sight loss.

£5 per item of Digital Artwork bought shall be paid to RNIB Enterprises Limited which covenants all its taxable profits to RNIB, a registered charity with charity number 226227. It is hoped that this venture will raise approximately £250 for RNIB

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